“A brilliant idea accomplishes nothing.
Turning that idea into reality is how we
impact our community for the Kingdom."

- Don Corder

About Don Corder

Don is an industry thought leader on ministry operations and administration, with a primary focus on finance, accounting, marketing, communication, systems, and staff management. With over 30 years of business and church executive leadership experience, Don helps ministry leaders implement their vision and impact their communities.

Author and Writer

I am the author of Minding His Business: 40 Days To Excellence In Church Management. The book was written to make the lives of pastors and ministry leaders easier.  The 40 chapters were written to convey basic business wisdom, management principles, and best practices to right–brained, creative, relational people (i.e. pastors). Each chapter deals with everyday challenges and offers real–life examples derived from more than thirty years of experience that show how to (and sometimes how not to) handle each situation.


With humor, candor and a matter-of-fact style that is refreshing, I have a knack for getting people to see the ministries they lead from a different perspective. I get people to look at themselves and their ministries in terms of what they do rather than what they say or is said about them, and then act.

Truth Teller

I tell the truth in love. With love for the ministry and pastors, I will speak the truth that needs spoken. My goal is always increased impact and effectiveness for those who seek to make the world a better place. I have designed coaching and consulting systems to deliver the greatest amount of impact for your ministry using methods that effectively implements your vision.  

Pain Reliever

My passion-my calling- is to remove stones from the shoe of every ministry leader and pastor I meet. I help people build the Kingdom on earth by helping them effectively implement their vision. I’m not a self –help guru. I am “that guy”; the guy who makes things happen and gets things done. I will help your vision become reality by helping you and your team create a plan for success. Then, if you want, I will provide the accountability that ensures the job gets done. 

The Provisum Group

Don currently serves as the president of The Provisum Group—a Christian non-profit which serves churches and faith based non-profits across the United States. The Provisum Group’s mission is to set pastors and ministry leaders free from the burden of administration so they can pursue and fulfill their calling. The Provisum Group are experts in the areas of ministry:
Accounting & Finance, Information Systems Administration, and Communications & Marketing.