Honor the Widow’s Mite

Ministry leaders are responsible to do what Jesus did—to watch over ministry finances. Jesus watched people giving in the temple and commended a widow for the great sacrifice she had made. Though she gave only two coins (known as a “mite”), she gave all that she had. (See Mark 12:41–44; Luke 21:1–4.) In the same way, we have to honor the level of sacrifice that people make to support the spread of the gospel and the life of the church.

A litmus test I use to determine the righteousness of a choice I am considering is to ask myself one central question: would I be willing to do or say whatever I am contemplating in front of my entire church congregation?

If I would not want my thoughts or my decision put up on the big screen for all to see, it is probably not righteous.

If you’re weighing a decision that relates to money, just imagine telling your entire congregation how you spent it. If you would be comfortable doing so, then it’s probably a right and a righteous thing. We have to trust the Holy Spirit to give us discernment in this area.

The sacrifice of the widow shows us the importance of spending money wisely.

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